Transportation Planner and Intelligent Mobility Solution

Intelligent Mobility

Atos provides an innovative, easy and customizable solution to any city, conformed by two complementary tools:


Mobile application, which indicates to the user what public transport options are available at any time for a particular route. For instance, it suggests options such as electric car sharing, buses, the nearest public bike rental station, available parking spaces, etc. Everything is managed in real time to obtain an optimal route based on data provided by the sensor network and open data from the city.


Web-based dashboard for the city municipality control center, which allows civil servants to visualize all the data coming from the city sensors network to support everyday decision making and evidence-informed analysis to improve the traffic planning in the city in times of high tourist's flows, sport events, among others.

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For general enquires about CityGO please contact: info@city-go.eu

For technical enquires using the application please contact: support@city-go.eu

About Us

We are an enthusiastic team, passionate about Smart cities and want
to use Open data to serve people!

We are part of Atos Research & Innovation in Atos Spain.

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