The benefits of CityGO and complementary CityDash are relevant for citizens, local authorities and public transport operators. Low-cost development and deployment of customized urban mobility CityGO app (not limited to multi-modal journey planner) is the main enabler for passenger data analysis.

Benefits for the user are related to the recommendations on what’s the best itinerary to take and what’s the best means of transport based on the real-time information in a proactive way, so the user doesn’t have to express his exact itinerary every time.

For the city, the app presents real advantages as it gives information on users’ regular itineraries that allows better planning of routes (streets usage and possible adjustments, traffic lights, etc). CityGO gives information on bus routes, lines information and also what the user does before and after taking a given bus. Also, the bicycle information systems provide information on users and how many parking spaces available are needed.