Atos provides an innovative solution addressing the challenges above mentioned, which is easily customizable to any city:

  • CityGO, a mobile application for citizens
  • CityDash, a web-based dashboard for city/municipalities operators

The CityGO solution promotes transportation diversity in the city engaging citizens through the use of their smartphones and GPS. On the front-end, it consists of a mobile application, which indicates to the user what public transport options are available at any time for a particular route. For instance, it suggests options such as electric car sharing, buses, nearest public bike rental stations, available parking spaces, etc. Everything is managed in real time to obtain an optimal route based on data provided by the sensor network and open data from the city.

In the back-end, the solution includes the CityDash, a web-based dashboard for the city municipality control center, which allows civil Description of the solution servants to visualize all the data coming from the city sensors network. CityDash provides cities, public sector workers or third party companies with detailed, up to date and intelligent data about the city that supports everyday decision making and fosters evidence-informed analysis. This information is fundamental to improve the planning of the traffic in the city, in times of high tourist flows, sports events, or, for example, when there are street cuts. It allows detecting the need to increase the number of bicycles available, incidents with them, etc., and thus promote adequate management of available resources.

The key features of CityGO can be summarized as:

  • Based on the user profile and usual routines (GPS position, usual routes, preferences), CityGO adapts the routes to each user and provides personalized recommendations
  • It displays
    • Information about buses lines, schedules, stops, status of traffic and queues in real time
    • Recommendations to use alternative public services, such as bicycle, car sharing or parking availability

Additionally, the key features of CityDash are the following:

  • Dashboard that enables the visualization of real-time information, time-series indicator data and interactive maps about all aspects of the city.
    • City traffic flow, people movements, cars, bus fleets, etc.
    • Location of the citizens connected to the Mobile App.
    • Video map showing citizens movements the previous day.